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3 Visions:

Art by Clare Asch, Sharon Ede Glennon and Roberta Nigro Hall


3 Visions is a pop-up show at 460 C, Harrison Ave, suite C8b, Boston, MA from December 12 – January 10. The gallery is open on weekends from 12 – 4 pm and by appointment.


As the title implies the three artists in this exhibition each have their own unique vision. Clare Asch writes in her artist statement, “In my artwork, I explore the interaction of chance and predetermined structures. Natural phenomena like gravity and its effect on the flow of water fascinate me.”


Both Sharon Ede Glennon and Roberta Nigro Hall are abstractionists who are interested in symbolism. Nigro Hall writes about her paintings, “The unidentifiable but often playfully suggestive symbols and figures of these images lie suspended in a dream-like haze.”


Sharon Ede Glennon combines “printmaking and painting processes, and through the use of color, symbols and gestural marks” …she “creates complex abstract/surreal paintings filled with richly painted passages and a keen sense of detail.”


The exhibition will run through January 10, with a Closing Reception on First Friday, January 8, 6 -8 pm.

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